Bài tập câu điều kiện Conditional sentences exercies



1. I would have visited you before if there _____ quite a lot of people in your house.
A. hadn’t B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be D. wasn’t
2. If you had caught the bus, you _____ late for work.
A. wouldn’t have been B. would have been C. wouldn’t be D. would be
3. If I _____, I would express my feelings.
A. were asked B. would ask C. had been asked D. asked
4. If _____ as I told her, she would have succeeded.
A. she has done B. she had done C. she does D. she did
5. Will you be angry if I _____ your pocket dictionary?
A. stole B. have stolen C. were to steal D. steal
6. You made a mistake by telling her a lie. It _____ better if you _____ to her.
A. would have been / hadn’t lied B. would be / didn’t lie
C. will be / don’t lie D. would be / hadn’t lied
7. John would be taking a great risk if he _____ his money in that business.
A. would invest B. invested C. had invested D. invests
8. She wouldn’t have given them all that money if we _____ her to.
A. wouldn’t advise B. won’t advise C. hadn’t advised D. didn’t advise
9. If the tree hadn’t been so high, he _____ it up to take his kite down.
A. could have climbed B. climb C. is climbing D. climbed
10. If the wall weren’t so high, he _____ it up to take his ball down.
A. climbed B. could climb C. is climbing D. climb
11. If I _____ her phone number, I _____ her last night
A. had known / could have phoned B. knew / would have phoned
C. know / can phone D. knew / could phone
12. If he ______ the truth, the police wouldn’t arrest him.
A. tells B. told C. had told D. would tell
13. If you press that button what _____?
A. would happen B. would have happened
C. will happen D. happen
15. I am very thin. I think, if I _____ smoking, I might get fat.
A. stop B. had stopped C. will stop D. stopped
16. If I _____ that yesterday, I _____ them.
A. had discovered / would inform
B. had discovered / would have informed
C. had discovered / could inform
D. discovered / can inform
17. If you _______ to the course regularly, they ________ a certificate last year.
A. go / gave B. go / give
C. had gone / would have given D. went / would give
18. I think he is not at home. If he _____ in, he ______ the phone.
A. was / answered B. were / would answer
C. were / would have answered D.had been / would have answered
19. If I ______ in London now, I could visit British Museum.
A. were B. had been C. have been D. would be
20. If you didn’t wear shabby clothes, you _______ more good-looking.
A. will be B. would be C. would have been D. can be
21. If your hair _______ grey now, what ______ you ________?
A. went / would / do B. goes / would /do
C. had gone / would/do D. had gone / would have / done
22. If I ________ an Angel, I would try to make happy all the children.
A. am B. have been C. were D. had been

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