Apple TV 4 Controllers: Steelseries Nimbus VS. HoriPad Ultimate


In this video, I take a look at two frontrunner gaming controllers for the 4th generation Apple TV: The Steelseries Nimbus Vs. The HoriPad Ultimate. Not sure which one to buy? Hopefully I can help you decide with my review.

Links to Buy – Steelseries Nimbus
Apple Store:

Best Buy:


Link to Buy – HoriPad Ultimate
Apple Store:


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  1. Fun video! Some good jokes delivered in a relaxed, non-forced manner. Sounds like these are both good choices. Horipad much cheaper on Apple Store here in Canada, but I’m checking Ebay too

  2. Asked for likes and subscribes after the video content and didn’t beg for it before the content. Feels more classy. Gave it a like just for that.

  3. do it work on it has bluetooth on it? anykind you look at what the name of the


    Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1" 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB, Black

  4. Great review! What is the name of the shooting game you featured in your video review? It looks a lot like COD Black Ops

  5. Do the analog sticks w the horioad I own the Steelseries controller you have to click down on the d pad to crouch and I lose a lot lot of fights bcs of it

  6. Will either of these work on an xbox one? Wireless or if you plug it into the xbox with a lightning cable via usb?

  7. On fortnite I can’t sprint with the Steelseries I’ve try everything the Analog
    sticks don’t click in or you can sprint or Crouch about two different pair of new Still series and both times I could not Sprint or crouch the analog sticks don’t recognize that if you click them and they will not spread so I’m still looking for a controller that will lower me to sprint in fortnight


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