A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game Mini-Campaign Released!


Join Chase from On the Table Gaming as he takes a look at the newly released First in Battle mini-campaign for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop miniatures game.

First In Battle Mini-Campaign:

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  1. Hi. Just to say that I found your channel while looking into this game and it's great! Just got in the Free Folk starter army yesterday. Cheers for talking about the game😁

  2. Crow killas’ are siiiiick! Definitely going to be a significant threat. Still not loving the halberdiers. Would have to set up
    With cersei and then be supported by some mountains men to finish off the unit.

    So these units are free?

  3. In spite of the low view count that these videos get, I'm really glad that stuff keeps getting uploaded. I still don't play ASOIF but I adore the minis and this is my source of info about what's coming out. Best wishes for 2020 and thanks Chase!

  4. Cool video Chase. I love that CMON made this available at such dire times. Stay healthy and stay at home folks!

  5. First In Battle Mini-Campaign: https://asoiaf.cmon.com/news/first-in-battle-a-mini-campaign

    Which character unit are you looking forward to fielding the most?


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