8 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen!


How long does it take you to go through your favorite game? Fans of speedrun can reach the final in the shortest amount of time you could ever imagine! Also, they know how to use unusual tricks and secret features of the game. For example, an average time it takes to complete the legendary Half-life 2 is between 9 and several tens of hours. But the world speedrun record of this game is only 41 minutes! Cool, isn’t it? However, in the history of the gaming industry, there were games that were virtually endless . Almost no one saw their ending! Sometimes games are too long, like Tetris; sometimes they are too complicated. And there are even those for which the ending was not provided at all – the game created it by itself! Interesting? We have picked 8 legendary games, and we are going to tell you everything about the final of each one.

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  1. Actually someone beat chrome Dino no it doesn't take 17 million years you just gotta get a score of 100,000. It says congratulations you past level one and your tree look like a ring

  2. But I do see the folks extremely useful and I went out to post 63rd when that girl with the redshorts walked by 😂👍

  3. What I find so hilarious is no one ever admits their guilt they just keep making the problem worse soo I’m like wow!! But I do laugh because you say this and that then you combat any opps that goes against your chosen one ☝️ but in the comments y’all a fan 😒😤🤦‍♀️

  4. The only game that no one has ever beaten is the dinosaur one there's games that I've seen that no one has sent to beat yet or ones just with the most weirdest endings I've been trying to find out if anyone has beaten fowlst yet but can't find anything my friend got to level 55 before he gave up and I have a dvd game Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets chamber challenge there's no accurate ending you just get eaten by the snake at the end 😂 and there is no real ending to flappy bird what about the civilizations games there really hard and long my friend also played alot of that has only beat number 6 on normal mode but not hard

  5. I've beat the first Mario game over 400 times 150 warpless and about almost 300 times by warping my record is 7 minutes for warping 27 for no warps playing it since 2002 first game that I fell in love with the game that basically got me interested in them in the first place

  6. Immortal gamer starts playing T-Rex game
    Him .after 17 million year what the hell has happened to this place

  7. 3:32 well no DUH have you every searched super meat boy on steam and see super meat boy forever?
    and the fact that it was announced in early 2018… and this is 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Doctor: You are immortal.
    Me: Plays Chrome Dino game for 17 Million years.
    Obstacles: I'm Going to end this mans whole career.

  9. LOL one time the internet went out in class and we started playing google dinosaur and my teacher was like what are yall doing and the class told and i was like WHY WOULD YOU TELL HER?


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