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► How To Make A Working Swing Set In Minecraft, This Is How You Can Make It :]

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  1. Cool build, but probably due to a update through the years, I can't seem to get any animal to stay in cart when I put lead on. I wish it still worked (or did I miss something? )

  2. What this isn't even a swing you clickbait just want views it littrlay looks like your holding 2 ropes and swinging like srrsly what is this

  3. Nobody:

    Not even a deseased fish:

    Me:I feel bad for the pig- but im gonna make it and torture the pig myself!


  4. Yours looked good but it doesn’t work when I put them on the lead it takes them out of the cart

  5. dude i didnt work and i spent a entire hour crying cuz the horse wouldent let me place a block it kept disapearing and then when it finaly worked the rope wouldent place so its not working for me and i rage quited becuase i spent an entire HOUR! OF CRYING AND IT HURTS to see that it took so long only to realize that it didint work >:(


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